Workshop Opportunities


Afternoon Tea and Meditation

Bring the team together for a wonderful team building opportunity. Start by enjoying a casual afternoon tea time with music as we foster a state of calm presence. Next we will review some basics of meditation and then conclude with a guided meditation experience.

CBD Informational and Yoga

CBD and other Cannabis/hemp extracts are showing efficacy for a large variety of conditions as well as general wellness. In this workshop we will review the topic of CBD’s benefits, risk, consumption options and how to purchase. After a optional product sampling we will conclude with a light yoga session.

Mindfulness and the workplace

Mindfulness and the Workplace

Unfortunately life is not a beach, but with some basic mindfulness techniques we can learn to foster our happy place everywhere we go. This session will begin with an introduction into the topic of mindfulness and discuss tools that can be used to help foster it within the workplace. We will conclude with a guided group meditation.