Corporate Yoga Offerings


Corporate Yoga Overview

The word is out, when employers invest in workplace wellness, they get a 3 x return on their investment. Yoga is a perfect way to provide a balanced wellness offering that will:

  • Reduce stress, prevent injury & illness.

  • Counter chronic workplace posture & repetitive use issues

  • Increase productivity & concentration

  • Improve self confidence & general wellness

  • Encourage a positive team building experience

Restorative Group Yoga

Restorative Group Yoga

Yoga Class Options

Conference Room Yoga

  • The goal of this class is to provide a stress reducing experience that addresses the common issues that arise from sitting at a desk and using a computer.

  • Table & chair required, 45 & 60 minute class options. No equipment or clothes change needed.

Restorative Group Yoga

  • This class is designed to provide a relaxing and restorative experience that moves the whole body with an emphasis on countering workplace office and repetitive use injuries.

  • Open space required. 45 & 60 minute class options. No equipment or clothes change needed.

Additional Class Option

Hatha Yoga Full Class

Unroll the mats and get ready to move, this traditional class provides a complete yoga wellness experience. Class is all levels and includes a variety of postures. Goals of this class are:

  • Stress reduction

  • Countering chronic workplace posture issues

  • Avoidance of repetitive use injuries

  • General wellness both physically and mentally

  • Team building

Yoga in the Park

Time to get outside and be healthy. A truly rejuvenating team building opportunity, skip the paintball gun and let’s go outside for some yoga!

Private Yoga Lesson

Operate a small team or looking for a unique executive wellness offering, explore private lesson options.